Sweet Yearning, Sweet Parting (18.08.09)

Vokalquintett Berlin's Austrian debut took the form of an extremely well thought through programme for the Innsbrucker Festwochen.

The group, made up of two female and three male singers from Austria, Germany and Israel, met at last year's Innsbrucker Festwochen. They made their debut in March in Berlin and were very quickly thereafter invited to perform their own concert in this year's Innsbrucker Festwochen. The artistic strength of the group comes largely from the large cumulative experience the members have in singing with many first-class choirs, giving a very good head start for this up-and-coming ensemble.


The programme chosen was impressive: German lieder and chorals, Italian madrigals, English carols, brought together under the theme "Drunk with love and the yearning for death." The music therefore focussed on these two main themes in life, which cannot be detached from each other, but which come up again and again in a person's life, with perspectives changing all the time.

Artistically interweaved

(...) The Vokalquintett Berlin is really a group to admire. (...) The high standards met by this ensemble are remarkable - and this is only the start!


Ursula Strohal in the Tiroler Tageszeitung, 18.08.09

(translated for Vokalquintett Berlin by Rachel Gilmore)

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